Y7 Long Long

Y7 is a new brand with focus on the fashion trends you see a lot of in the fashion picture right now. The fullness and an extravagance in terms of volume. There is a focus on unisex styles that are matched with feminine trousers with a nice edge. 

In addition to that, there is a string focus on the fact that these pants are also obvious for women with long legs. It is an overlooked market for these consumers to be able to buy pants that are long enough and at the same time perfect in terms of quality and detail. 

Our trousers are obvious for all heights. The look depends on the body type, and is no matter what, the right look. You can achieve the look with fullness on the leg and on the arms with the extra lengths and for those with long limbs achieve a look with a pair of pants or sweater that sits without blunting. 

It is our clear belief to hit broadly in relation to the consumer and at the same time hit correctly.