Collection #1

This is the whole first Y7 Long Long collection. The collection will show pieces that can be mixed and matched to make it your own look. Y7 Long Long identity is the extra volume in the styles, that makes the styles look voluminous and arrogant and looks different from body to body, because of the length. This will be extra visible on our pants that are 95 cm long in the inseam of the legs. This also make our collection perfect for women, who has difficulties on finding pants, that are long enough. 
The color of the first collection is the dusty aquamarine. Its soft and beautiful and is in a tone that isn't too light for the winter skin. Together with this color we have the Fog Sand, which is a light, fine sand. On top of these, you will find black and white, which always is a good go to. 
It is our clear belief to hit broadly in relation to the consumer, but at the same time hit right.