Y7 Long Long offers trousers with extra length. The extra length makes the extra volume on the end of the legs and with a focus on having the perfect fit so you feel comfortable and beautiful, despite the volume in the legs. The length and look is our identity of Y7 Long Long, which at the same time makes our trousers perfect for women with long legs. We offer 3 pairs of perfect jeans and trousers. Klara, the denim jeans in the perfect medium blue with normal waist, straight pant legs and details inside of the leg when it's folded up. Julie, our cool sexy tight fit mum denim jeans, with high waist and a long slit on both legs. Bella, our sexy, feminine, tight pant with flare legs and an extra high waist.

Pants for all occations

Are you dressing up or feeling more for a relaxed cool look? We will have the perfect trousers no matter the occasion. It's always fun to have a style in your wardrobe that you easily can dress down and up regarding of the occasion. The Bella flare pant is perfect with a knit or a nice blouse, but can also make a sweat shirt look light and feminine. The Klara denim jeans is cool and masculine, but looks feminine with a tight top a shirt. The Julie is a cool feminine pant that is fashionable and stylish, can be perfect for the everyday look with a nice blazer or a cool hoodie, and be festive with a nice top.

Y7 Long Long trousers

At Y7 Long Long you will find trousers for versatile use, and all with extra length. The unique identity of the Y7 is the long pants that measures 95 cm in length. This affects both costumer who likes our look with extra fullness on the leg, but also for the woman who has difficulty finding pants, that are long enough. Our selection of trousers can be used for both work and everyday looks, but can also be dressed up for festive events. With Y7 Long Long trousers you get the opportunity to show them off with your style and how they sit on you, as they will look different from body to body. What they all have in common is that they are comfortable and fit feminine, despite having the extra volume, You can find trousers with a little extra volume in the legs that are extra comfortable and good for the everyday use, our denim pants with extra details such as a slit in the legs that highlights your shoes and not least the feminine tight denim or velvet trousers with flare and which are with extra high waist. If the extra length is not for you, we suggest that you can get the length you want, adjusting it yourself by cutting the trousers and sewing it, or send it to a tailor. One of our pants has full focus on this, which via the inside of the trousers leg indicates the difference between a length of 30, 32, 34 and our Long Long. By having one length, we hit wide regardless of the height and length of the leg, and make sure to be able to please all costumers.