Sweat Shirts

Y7 Long Long offers nice sweat shirts in a great organic quality, that is soft and in perfect colors. You can go for Kim with a hoodie, or Luke with a narrow neck. Both come with nice details in addition to logos and finishes. Both the crew neck and the hoodie are with extra length on the arms and have a bit shorter length in the body compared with a normal mens sweat shirt. They can both be tightened in in the waist with laces. 

Not just a sweat shirt

Y7 Long Long's sweat shirts is not just a normal sweat shirt. We have been focusing on the small details, that makes our sweat shirts greater. They are made in a male fit and with extra long arms. The length is a bit shorter thank normal male sweat shirts, so its perfect when you wear it with a long tee under. They have laces to tie them in in the waist, so it's also perfect over a dress, so women feel that they show of some of their curves and feel feminine at the same time when they are wearing an oversize item. The detail of the ends on the laces with black metal, makes them look heavier and even better looking. The hoodie on Kim is very large, which also amplifier the Long Long idetity. At last but not at last, our sweat shirts is made from organic soft cotton.